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Port Douglas,
24th - 29th
July 2011


The 31st International Symposium on Free Radicals (IFRS) was held in Port Douglas, Australia, 24 - 29 July, 2011.

We hope you enjoyed 'Radicals on the Reef', and are glad to have had your participation; with your help, this week has been quite successful.

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The program will follow the traditional focus of this series, focussing on the properties of free radicals, including fundamental and applied research of both experimental and theoretical nature. The symposium will include invited lectures, hot-topic presentations and posters.

Topics include:

  • Spectroscopy of free radicals
  • Chemical kinetics
  • Molecular ions
  • Ultracold radicals
  • Radicals in space
  • Reaction dynamics
  • Theoretical investigations
  • Radicals in the atmosphere
  • Radicals in combustion

Confirmed Speakers:

  • W.C. Lineberger (USA)
  • M.A. Duncan (USA)
  • G. Metha (Australia)
  • R. Signorell (Canada)
  • M. Drewsen (Denmark)
  • R. Continetti (USA)
  • R.W. Field (USA)
  • Y. Endo (Japan)
  • W. Eisfeld (Germany)
  • F. Merkt (Switzerland)
  • S. Yamamoto (Japan)
  • K. Liu (Taiwan)
  • F. Matsushima (Japan)
  • M. Lester (USA)
  • T. Schmidt (Australia)
  • C. Vallance (UK)
  • C-K. Ni (Taiwan)
  • W. Geppert (Sweden)
  • D. Heard (UK)
  • B. McCall (USA)
  • R. Wester (Germany)
  • R. Timonen (Finland)
  • P. Botschwina (Germany)
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